My first post is dedicated to Kotaki Nozomu aka Non-chan
Hello everyone!

This is my very first entry on this journal. I'm no blogger, nor am I a good writer. But today is a celebration, and taking the first step out of my comfort zone is probably the one thing I can do on this special ocassion. Today is the day Kotaki Nozomu turns 18 years old. So, Non-chan, otanjoubi omedetou!

It might sound absolutely absurd to many people that I adore you so much. Afterall, you are an idol who's like a star in the night sky so far out of reach. And me, I'm just an ordinary fangirl, whom you will never know existed.

I've only got to know about Non-chan and Johnny's West probably 2 months ago. I accidentally stumbled across the Ee Ja Nai Ka PV, and I fell in love with the song and the video almost instantly. I will never forget that moment, because it is when Kotaki Nozomu came into my life.

Non-chan, you never cease to make me smile. Whenever I'm feeling down, it is your smile that melts me a little inside, and you would make me happy again, even if it was a just for a moment. I love that you are so serious and also boke at the same time. I love your shy smile, and your dreamy eyes. I love how you're so mature, being only 18, but at the same time, you're an amaenbo (pampered boy?), always being pampered by your senpai. You would always do silly things that are really funny, but even when you're doing all the baka things, you still gave off the cool and cute aura. You're so irresistable when you say all the sweet phrases, you are truly the renai master, and the one and only renai king. You are just perfect in many ways that words cannot describe.

Ever since I've got to know about you, my life has been full of smiles and laughter. Thank you Non-chan, keep on being awesome, my number 1 idol. <3


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